Course 1

Introduction to intermediate value chains

The FAIRCHAIN e-learning programme begins with the launch of the first course, ‘Introduction to Intermediate Food Value Chains (IFVC)’, available from 15 September 2023 and open to anyone, anywhere, and at any time of day!

After taking this course, you will understand differences between existing FVCs, the development of an IFVC definition, the benefits and challenges in the transition towards IFVCs, and projects/pilots/examples/ways to get involved in IFVCs. The course is open to anyone interested in food chains at any educational level yet geared towards i) farmers and producers who may adapt to their own business what others have successfully developed; ii) policy makers and regulators who may learn about programs and initiatives that benefit all local food chain participants; and iii) consumers who may understand the diversity of FVCs and decide the level of engagement they may have in their own community.

This fully independent online course is structured into five chapters organised as innovative microlearning lessons. These include short videos, PowerPoint presentations, interactive e-learning activities, reading of scientific and lay articles, and website visits. Each microlearning lesson takes only 3 to 8 minutes to complete! And you may start, stop, and come back to the lessons at any time and as often as you wish. Short quizzes monitor your progress throughout, and, in total, the course should take 90 to 120 minutes to complete. All who complete the course successfully will receive a FAIRCHAIN certificate.

The e-learning course is available on the ISEKI-Food Association’s Moodle Platform and easily accessible via the FAIRCHAIN-managed Sustainable Food System Innovation Platform, free of charge!

Course 2

From short to intermediate value chains

A new course has been designed as part of the FAIRCHAIN project for Short Food Supply Chain (SFSC) entrepreneurs interested in growing their SFSC from a local to a regional business. It will be available from 15 September 2023.