Co-product valorisation and generation of additional added value for SMEs and regional stakeholders


Current situation requiring improvements 

  • In the current setting, co-products management generates costs.
  • More specifically, fruits unfit for consumption remain underexploited and kernels are not valorised in a local and fully transparent manner.

Main activities in FAIRCHAIN

  • Production of an alternative cleaning agent via biofermentation of co-products that are unfit for consumption, for innovative cleaning applications with bio-preservation effects and possibly alternative feed or photo-sanitation applications.
  • Assess potential and interest for a regional scale pyrolysis-based innovative business model to valorise co-products like fruit kernels, with potentially equipment sharing or mobile workshop able to work out the co-products close to the producers and/or the users. Define accordingly a regional proof of concept.
  • Explore the potential for various positive externalities, like lowered ecological footprint, improved food security, increased added value generated per unit of fruits sold, or improved links between farmers and processors. This requires some process improvements and deeper knowledge of business models to reach a successful demonstration within the project.