FAIRCHAIN FoodFactory-4-Us Competition 2024

The FoodFactory-4-US international student competition game is now open. This is the third and last competition organised by FAIRCHAIN. The topic is Upscale or downscale a food supply chain to a regional or national level.

Teams of 3-5 students must identify a specific challenge/problem related to upscaling or downscaling a food supply chain to a regional or national level and develop an exploitable solution to that challenge/problem. The innovative and exploitable solution they propose should be sustainable and address at least one of the following aspects: technical issues, marketing, policy, business models, consumer-producer relations and/or social challenges.

The detailed information and application form are available on the dedicated page of the ISEKI-Food Association website.

FAIRCHAIN FoodFactory-4-Us Competition 2023

The FOOD FACTORY-4-US 2023, supported by the FAIRCHAIN project, gives students in food science the opportunity to submit a project aimed at innovating in existing short food supply chains to make them stronger and more competitive.

Projects must identify a specific challenge/problem in an existing short food supply chain and develop an exploitable solution to that challenge/problem. The aim is to improve the competitiveness of the SFSC in a way that maintains or improves resource efficiency and is climate-friendly, while also leading to the growth of the SFSC towards an intermediate food supply chain. The innovative and exploitable solution proposed may address an economic, social, organizational or technological challenge in the existing SFSC and should be potentially applicable to other SFSCs in other regions. Examples could be anywhere in the value chain including raw materials through processing, packaging, logistics and marketing.

Students taking part in the competition are also expected to take part in an online training programme and a virtual final conference between April and June 2023.

Further details about this year’s edition can be found on ISEKI-Food Association’s website. You may also read our article about the results of the 2022 edition.

Contact: foodfactory4us@iseki-food.net

FAIRCHAIN FoodFactory-4-Us Competition 2022 

Students can join the 2022 FoodFactory-4-Us International Student Competition to address the following question:  How can modernization of a traditional food contribute to your regional food value chain? Team of 3-5 students enrolled in any food-related programme anywhere in the world (max 1 PhD student) should send their application by 15 September 2022. We offer online, innovative, learning to improve knowledge and competences and fabulous prizes (and recognition!) for the winning team! Application and participation are completely free of charge 

You may read about previous FoodFactory-4-Us competitions here.