As we journey through the FAIRCHAIN project, we’re excited to share our latest achievements within the Swedish Case Study in nurturing sustainable and community-focused berry value chains, locally placed in Bjurholm in Sweden.

Our engagement in Bjurholm has led to the creation of “Bär-i-bygden,” a community-centric model set to create an alternative to the international berry industry by fostering local pride and prosperity. This organization encourages passionate local ambassadors, with tailor-made solutions that resonate within our community. Through co-creation and dynamic workshops, we’ve brought together a diverse spectrum of stakeholders, from tech to policymakers, fostering a collaborative environment that triggers innovation across the entire berry value chain.
We’re also proud to report progress in reducing transportation-related carbon emissions through smarter berry picking and distribution strategies, promising significant environmental benefits. And our ICT tool development is yielding promising results, poised to streamline berry picking processes and reduce resource strain. With initial models ready for field testing, we’re on the edge of transformative change.
Keep an eye out for more updates as we journey towards a more sustainable and prosperous berry industry right here in Sweden!

Past and upcoming events
• B2B event in February-March: We had an exciting B2B event where local berries took center stage in Umeå and Bjurholm stores. We evaluated the market potential of local picked berries and deepened relations with local businesses.
• Final co-creation event: Thursday, March 21st, we had our final co-creation event, showcasing our progress, business concept and ICT tool.
• Demo event: Friday, August 23rd, we will showcase our innovative business concept and ICT tool. Your insights will be invaluable as we continue to refine and innovate.
• Berry festival: August 24th, we come together to celebrate our local berry herritage at a delightful festival. Stay tuned for more details!
• Scaling up berry picking: We’re actively exploring ways to scale up berry picking to meet growing demand, aiming for production levels of 2-5 tons.