In the Greek Case Study, we employ blockchain technology to improve traceability, transparency, and information sharing in the context of two dairy processes chains that of the PDO Feta cheese and traditional sheep yoghurt. The blockchain-based traceability platform stores information on milk origin, milk content, and production processes for these two dairy products so that it can be later offered to the consumers. Blockchain allows a decentralized platform, where the production stakeholders contribute information which is immutably registered. Consumers have access to this information after scanning a QR code on the Feta cheese or sheep yoghurt package they have at hand or are considering buying.

This period has marked the completion of the platform design and implementation, including the Ethereum smart contracts that prove the integrity of the traceability data and the compliance of the production with the rules stemming from the legislative framework and best practices of the dairy. During this period the approach and the results have been verified through on-site piloting in Stymphalia dairy under realistic conditions. A series of Feta cheese and sheep yoghurt productions were realized and tested with the FAIRCHAIN consumer timeline blockchain-based traceability application.

The products were provided to stakeholders, consumers and to consortium members during the September 2023 project plenary meeting that took place in Greece.