FAIRCHAIN was well represented at the Nordic Wildberry Conference, held in Umeå, Sweeden from 7 to 8 September, with four poster presentations summarising results of the project’s Swedish Case Study, which seeks to develop digital applications and business models to expand the local berry industry.

  • Assessing sustainability of innovative solutions for forest berry picking in Sweden – Mehran Rad, Pegah Amani, Karin Östergren
  • Bärräkna – A Web Application for Berry Pickers – Fredrik Nilbrink, Rebecca Lindmark, Victor Marklund, Alexander Wahlberg, Inka Bohlin, Karin Östergren
  • Berries of the region – a System Demonstrator for Intermediate Value Chains by Alexander Wahlberg – Karin Östergren, Anna-Karin Karlsson, Pegah Amani, Fredrik Nilbrink, Rebecca Lindmark, Inka Bohlin , Gun Lidestav, Claudia Wieczorek, and Roger Uddstål
  • Mapping potential location for bilberry picking with remote sensing, local field data and phone-application – I. Bohlina, A. Wahlbergb, R. Uddstålb, F. Nilbrinkb, E. Bergströma, P. Axensten, M. Ekströma, A-K. Karlsson, and K. Östergren