The FoodFactory-4-Us international student competition has started! Eight teams have been selected and are currently working on projects around the topic ‘Upscale or downscale a food supply chain to a national or regional level‘.

The  competing teams are developing the following projects:

  1. Barley Bakes – Curation and development of a barley brownie to meet the nutritional needs of 2-15 year olds
  2. Apple Link –  From private gardens to good use – or better yet, juice!
  3. Dabagira – Production of composite flour of selected food as a way of improving food supply chain that result the reduction of malnutrition and stunting
  4. SLSU-Pud Tek – Scaling Up Halang-halang processing in Southern Leyte, Philippines
  5. PAFT de SLSYou – Upscaling of Hilongos’ Native Kakanin: Preserving Tradition in Modern Times
  6. Baker team – Cookies and pastries for special dietary uses made with resistant starch as an ideal fiber source
  7. HighFig – Overcoming the Distribution Maze: A Roadmap to Tackle Logistics Challenges in Bursa Black Fig Distribution

Visit the competition website to get the detailed activity calendar and view session recordings.