By Luminita Ciolacu, Katherine Flynn, and Luis Mayor (ISEKI-Food Association, AT)

In fact, the definition of IVFC is a matter of discussion and essential and optional characteristics were recently proposed by the FAIRCHAIN project.

An IVFC combines the best characteristics of the typical long food value chains and the more innovative short food value chains.  FAIRCHAIN partner Fraunhofer Institute for System and Innovation Research identified essential and optional characteristics of IFVCs. Based on these, they formulated a definition. Dr. Bärbel Hüsing and Tanja Kaufmann gave a webinar on this to the FAIRCHAIN consortium in October 2021. The webinar included an introduction to the concept and background of food value chains, real-life examples of IFVCs as well as the pathways to be used towards IFVCs.

Short and engaging videos (5 to 8 minutes each) from the webinar are now available on FAIRCHAIN’s YouTube channel.