We are all part of the food supply chain! If you innovate in the agri-food sector then the Sustainable Food System (SFS) Innovation Platform is for you!

Here you will find the Innovation inventory, with the latest in technological, social and organizational advances, the Initiative Inventory, including successful food supply chain activities throughout Europe, and training materials like short e-learning courses where you can earn a certificate.

If you register you can take full advantage of the platform – add innovations, initiatives, publications and weblinks and have access to special pages and services. Registration is fast and easy and your profile remains private.

FAIRCHAIN and CO-FRESH launched the SFS Innovation Platform in January 2022, and they maintain and grow it by:

  • Sharing project information on food supply chain innovations;
  • Publicizing through the Platform Initiative Inventory;
  • Generating training materials on best practices to innovate in the food supply chain;
  • Ultimately engaging more and more stakeholders in innovative food supply chains.

Your project is also invited to contribute to the SFS Innovation Platform! Contact the Platform organizers to start your collaborative adventure with the SFS Innovation Platform.